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Giuseppe Resci

Giuseppe Resci Giorgio Bertozzi Neoartgallery 03

Giuseppe Resci was born in Gagliano – Italy – in 1959. He did classic studies and graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Rome. He began photographing in 1978, self-taught, and later he studied Photography and perfected his tecnique in the Roman School of Photography and Cinema, in the district of Saint Lorenzo. In his works he represents dense atmospheres and dream worlds suspended on ordinary reality. The human figure, relatively poorly represented, is often vicariously replaced by symbols (reflections, shadows, dummies) wich are carriers of complex and faceted messages that lead the observer to arrive at perceptual dimensions that inhabit ancestral places in the imagination and the unconscious. These are located at a depth that cannot be attained without experiencing emotion, disquiet , pleasure or astonishment so arriving to pose questions to themselves. He argues that art, representing something that was not visible before, it must be offered to the public and never vice versa. For this reason, Giuseppe Resci loves to exhibit in unconventional places, modulating the selection from time to time and often the conception of his works functions in the exhibition space, so that the location and the works can bond in a single vibrating tool of communication and artistic sharing. He does black and white photography using film and digital sensors. He performs photographic research in Italy and abroad and does post-production and Fine Art printing in his home studio. He lives in the countryside, in a secluded dwelling, placed in front of the enigmatic majesty of Mount Soratte, at the gates of Rome.

 ” My task is to convey to the observer all the restlessness and the adrenaline that I have inside of me when I shoot, enclosed in a single photo…” Giuseppe Resci


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