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Solveig Cogliani Mediterranea

The Doruk Sanat Galerisi with the Lombardi Gallery of Rome present the artist Solveig Cogliani: she was born on 10 April 1967 in Rome. With her personal she was in Rome several times (in 2010 with an exhibition at the Vittoriano). In 2011 she was selected for the Venice Biennale. In January 2012 she started a collaboration with the KPK Contemporary Art in London.

The prof. Andrea Romoli Barberini wrote about her:

“that particular ‘blow of the North’ (R. Savinio), that prevails and shakes indistinctly the whole iconographic repertoire of her canvases, is the most noticeable brushstroke of Solveig Cogliani. It’s the blow of a clear transfiguration of an expressionist background that solves on canvas the necessity to relive and read once again pieces of personal experiences through the lens of the emotional states of that experience. This is the reason for a comeback of a cold and objective figure interpretation, that characterizes with significant comparison, that the investigations of many painters of the same generation, don’t capture.The glacial objective of forms, limited in the mute representation, even when freezing the reality of its pictorial revision, doesn’t belong to her expressive register. It brings a sort of pharisaic flavor of the current events. Cogliani, on the contrary, uses paint to show her version of facts. To interpret and tell with absolute, almost imprudent partiality. It’s not important if she’s right or wrong: a so made artwork will always have, with the authentic emotion that it generates, an unacceptable truth. Mediterranean landscapes with blinding lights, night glimpses of the capital stolen from a simple everyday life, anonymous or heroic, timeless bullfightings, in wich man is bull and arena the world. Almost still urban locations, that are non or even every metropolis of the globe. They evoke noise, stress, car horns, isolation and mass neurosis. These are the themes she has based her recent research on. We can see the clear intention to take out the oblivion of the missing ring from a precious chian of masters, proceeding with the investigation of subjective reality, that has strong and unrenouncable assumption.

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