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Sabriye Şeker

Sabriye Seker Giorgio Bertozzi Neoartgallery 08


Sabriye Şeker …non dovete farvi colpire dall’ abitudine, cercate sempre di cambiate i vostri percorsi, cercate spazi per respirare. Insomma, si faccia qualcosa per non vivere nel silenzio…

These sentences become ‘simple’ because your surname is ‘Şeker’ (means sugar). Thus, I would like to describe the great artist of illumination and miniature, who is embedded in this ‘simple’ name. It is just in front of my eyes how you showed with high mastery to your students the flowers and leaves drawing with pencils nearly 20 years ago. Later, later and afterwards, the years stayed at ‘yesterday…’. Then the teacher’s – just you – yesterday’s evolved into your ‘today’s and ‘future’s ‘ success. You put the special pictures of Anatolia such as ‘iğne oyası2 (art with needles), orange trees, brides of Anatolia and girls with ‘yazma’ (traditional style of scarf) into the art of traditional Turkish illumination and miniature. You have combined the traditional Turkish art with the folk art. Further, you have provided ‘modern’ views towards the traditional art. We were in cooperation with Sabriye teacher and opened a variety of exhibitions. I sincerely congratulate Sabriye Şeker with her innovative and free style in art and wish her great success.

Etem Çalışkan

Journalist, Painter, Calligrapher

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