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Musa Güney Katarsis-3



Resim Sergisi/Painting Exhibition


Sergi:4 – 23 Kasım/November 2016

Açılış: 4 Kasım Cuma Saat:18.00-20.00

Opening: November 4 th, Friday: 18.00-20.00


Musa Güney was born in Artvin, Yusufeli in 1974. He completed his primary and secondary education in Rize. He graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphical Design Department in 1999. He settled in Istanbul in the same year and worked as art director for many graphical design companies. He continued his professional painting career in Istanbul, which had started back in his university. He held 7 solo exhibitions on graphic design and painting and participated in more than thirty group exhibitions. His works appear in many public and private collections. He is one of the founders of DOĞU YORUM art group and still continues his board of directors membership and secretary roles in Beyoğlu Plastic Arts Association.

His admiration for nature is his most prominent inspiration in his decision process of his painting subjects. He handles nature not as an objective reality but reflects its projections on him onto his works. He still continues his works at his atelier in Istanbul /Beyoğlu.

On Musa Güney’s Art…

The soil, on which we walk every day without realizing its presence as we step on it, actually has tremendous importance so that it makes humankind to battle for it, shed blood for it… The fact that we cannot live without water, air and soil stares in our faces. Each one of these three elements is as important and vital as each other. In the complexity of life, we fail to see and acknowledge the value of most things; just as similarly, we also very rarely manage to internalize the changes in soil, water and air; rich colors they posses and the natural art they contain. We know the reality of these vital elements but encounter them mostly as “abstract” perceptions when they are used in an art form; and in a way, Musa Güney demonstrates, with his paintings that these vital elements are “real” and they don’t lose their reality even when they are depicted in paintings…

With colors he used and his success in creating patterns, Musa Güney is very accomplished in showing us that we need to rethink on these three elements through his paintings; we feel the femininity, fertility, fruitfulness and substantiality of soil; reflection power and wisdom, coldness, variability and mystery of water; fire and water combination inside air, its masculinity, which is the breathe of life representing thought and judgment aspects.

As they come to life in Musa Güney’s paintings, we discover these three elements that we cannot live without and be embraced by air, water and soil patterns.

Nilgün Yalçınkaya

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